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A sampling of Mr. Naples' wide variety of clients/companies has included high profile clients such as Leonard Bernstein, Paul McCartney, Sting, Quincy Jones, Oscar Peterson, Frank Zappa,  GTE Telecommunications ( Sprint), Avid Technologies, Amek Systems and Controls, Open Science Systems (OSS) , Dealerwire, Main Street Supply and Logistics(MSSL), LucasFilm, Universal Films, 10th St. Entertainment, Mattel, Akklaim Entertainment, NAMCO Ltd., and SEI.

In addition to his personal experience, Mr. Naples has an extensive network of business associates who are experts in finance, manufacturing, marketing/internet/e-brochure, information technology , human resources, legal issues, and patent requirements to further assist his consulting efforts.

Mr. Naples’ first experience was managing a leading-edge technology company, New England Digital Corporation (NED), an outgrowth of Dartmouth College's Thayer School of Engineering. This experience provided the initial basis for his career as a first-rate entrepreneurial executive by growing this start-up company to $24m in annual revenues.

Working with talented and forward thinking founders, Mr. Naples led the company to become the pioneer and leader in the development and marketing of digital recording and advanced digital synthesis techniques with its products, The Synclavier Digital Audio System and Direct-to-Disk Recording system. NED established many of the techniques and framework used today in products that serve the audio recording and sound post-production marketplace. NED's client roster was a Who's Who of the Music Recording and Television/Film Post-Production industries.

From this platform,  Mr. Naples continued to develop his career with new opportunities in direct management and consulting for blue chip venture capital groups and multi-national corporations while also attending Harvard Business School for further education. The proof of Mr. Naples' capability is best summed up by reading the various endorsements available under testimonials.

Should your company be in need of some expert, outside advice and desire that entrepreneurial spirit to restart your company's opportunities, then give ESS a call today.

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Learn How ESS Can Help You and Your Company Succeed... TODAY.

Learn How ESS Can Help You and Your Company Succeed... TODAY.

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