"Brad managed to reorganize and salvage a very difficult situation in a company in which Tudor was the lead investor by using his leadership and business skills and working in combination with his Board of Directors/Investors. He was directly responsible for a positive outcome for all involved."

Bob Forlenza, Managing Partner, Tudor Ventures

"I recruited Brad to take on a difficult assignment as President/COO of a company that became a distressed investment for our firm which quickly needed senior level management experience. He was successful at defining key areas of operating problems in existing management, product development investments, marketing/sales issues and issues relating to the company's overall ability to appropriately finance it's business plan. Brad was forthright, honest, hardworking and insightful. For any VC needing  an  experienced CEO  for one of their  portfolio companies in an emerging, fast changing challenging environment, I would highly recommend Brad"......

A Leading Boston Venture Capital Firm Partner

"Brad Naples is unique in the fact that he brings a profound knowledge of technology, applications, and strategic acumen to every business he becomes involved with, from high-end digital audio to interactive entertainment platforms to business and government ASP software businesses. 

Brad pioneered the development and implementation of new business strategies that successfully transformed each and every one of these companies into market leaders."

Bob Griffin, Griffin Public Relations, New York

"Having worked for Brad in a difficult turn around situation, I saw first hand the value Brad's experience and no-nonsense approach can bring. Brad is quick to assess a situation and then put a plan into action which he is willing and able to lead. If it is an entrepreneurial venture, a turnaround or a division that needs re-invigorating, you can count on Brad to tackle the tough issues and make things happen." 

Frank Foster, Managing Partner, Gideon Hixon Fund

"I have known Brad for almost 20 years.  Early on I had the pleasure of working for him and many of the skills I learned from him I apply every day to running  a $500 million global business.  Brad is a very talented business leader.  He has the rare skill to see the true potential in a business and to leverage that potential in a powerful way.  He can immediately identify what a businesses needs and can quickly bring high level resources, be they financial, staffing or marketing, to the table to address those needs.  His endless enthusiasm is contagious and as a result he is able to attract and retain a high level of talent to a business.  Brad has the uncommon ability to take a modest company and position it for growth on a world-wide level."

Mark Terry, President, Harman Pro Group

“Brad Naples has worked with me and my company for several years, initially helping us with our marketing and sales issues and lately helping us position the company for acquisition. His work has been of outstanding value. He has done his homework on our company and brings his own broad experience to bear on our particular issues with a clear understanding of where the company is and where it needs to go. Running a company can be an isolating experience and having Brad Naples to consult on the issues that land on the CEO’s desk has been extremely helpful to me.”

Peter D. Coburn, President/Founder, Commercial Logic, Inc.

"Brad was able to grasp not only the capabilities, but the potential of our company in a short period of time. He is a visionary whose foresightedness enabled us to quickly formulate an effective business plan, identify the barriers to successful implementation, and quantify the financial and human capital necessary for execution. Had it not been for Brad, we would have folded what today is our largest and most profitable division and the foundation for our future growth and success. If your business is challenged with what seems as insurmountable odds, or you simply want to take it to the next level of success, I unequivocally recommend you talk with Brad."

CAPT Don Watkins, USN (Ret.), VP & COO, Systems Engineering, Inc.

Learn more how Entrepreneurial Success Solutions can help you and your company succeed... TODAY.

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Learn How ESS Can Help You and Your Company Succeed... TODAY.

Learn How ESS Can Help You and Your Company Succeed... TODAY.

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