About ESS

ESS is a consulting enterprise that can bring to bear those critical senior level management services required by companies involved in change management issues such as strategic marketing/product positioning, internet centric marketing/distribution/e-commerce, operations,finance, human resource development, manufacturing and legal. Experience and a network of quality partners are the key to providing valuable advice to ESS customers.

ESS's span of companies to date include products and services in mass market entertainment software , non-linear audio turnkey hardware and software systems, federal contracting for IT solutions, 8-a minority-owned companies, inventory management software for the automobile industry, linear-based editing turnkey capital equipment systems  hardware for film and TV.

This direct "real-world" experience with such a diverse group of companies, people and issues along with Mr. Naples being a graduate of two world class educational institutions ( Harvard Business School and Berklee College of Music) have provided Mr. Naples a unique combination of strategic business acumen, technology expertise and creative leadership skills to assist and understand your company's needs.

Learn How ESS Can Help You and Your Company Succeed... TODAY.

Learn How ESS Can Help You and Your Company Succeed... TODAY.

ESS's Capabilities

• Development of Business/Operating Plans

• Cash Management Strategies

• Successful Marketing Strategies

• Management of Software Dev. Cycles

• Management of Hardware Dev. Cycles

• Sales Management Strategies

• Realizing the Value in the Business

• Human Resource/Founder Issues

• Investor Relationships/Venture Capital

• Patent Strategies

• Joint Ventures

• Intellectual Property Management

• Licensing

• Company Valuations

• Selling Your Business

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